Data Leakage

Prevent corporate data leaving the secure corporate network through an unmonitored network channel


While a corporate device is configured to wirelessly connect to an authorized and monitored network, these are easy to overcome, whether unintentionally or purposefully. Let it be due to a fallen network and the employee attempting to keep business as usual, or a reconfiguration of the device.

Ensuring that corporate devices do not connect to unauthorized and unmonitored wireless networks such as a Guest or open network is difficult to enforce using existing tools and is reliant on device  configuration and employee’s security awareness.

Furthermore, malware refrains from using the corporate network for C&C and data exfiltration. Knowing that an enterprise network is usually monitored by web proxies and DLP solutions to identify infections and leakage, the malware connects from time to time to any nearby non-corporate wireless network to perform these data communication activities. Thus the infection stays undetected for a longer time and leakage is uninterrupted.


Achieve network airspace control and protection and prevent data leakage by using AirEye Dome:

  • Detect corporate devices connecting to unmonitored networks such as Guest or any external network

  • Detect corporate devices connecting to unauthorized networks

  • Prevent unintentional wireless policy violations by legitimate employees

  • Prevent malicious data exfiltration

  • Protect against FragAttacks

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