Meet Our Team

Tanuj Mohan
Mandeep Singh
VP Product & Operations
Ori Calvo

Bryan Kissinger

SVP & CISO, Trace3

Jason Lish

CSO, Lumen Technologies

Shaun Marion

Former VP & CISO, McDonald’s

Rich Mason

Former CISO, Honeywell

The AirEye Story

In 2018 the Emotet malware exploited a new attack surface and conducted a digital airborne attack which enabled the malware to hop from one corporate network to another corporate network via a wireless channel. This new attack surface, now called the corporate network airspace, provides attackers access to corporate assets despite highly secured wired and wireless networks.

Antenna for Hire

With the prevalence of uncontrolled broadcasting entities, aka Antenna for Hire, digital airborne attacks became accessible to any remote attacker. In parallel, the amount of unmonitored and unauthorized wireless networks in the proximity of corporates continued to grow. Yet, controlling the corporate network airspace was completely neglected.

The AirEye Mission

The AirEye mission is simple: To shine a spotlight on the attackers that leverage the corporate network airspace and provide protection to what is currently today’s largest unprotected area of the network. Today AirEye, the leader in NACP, is deployed at various industries, including finance, banking, telco, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and aerospace.