Networks and Device Hijacking

Prevent communications between corporate devices and uncontrolled devices


The enterprise digital airspace is swarming with wireless devices – a router at the cafe across the street, a security camera in an adjacent building and even a contractor’s laptop. According to AirEye’s survey of Access Points (APs) at corporate sites, for each corporate AP, there are 200-250 non-corporate APs in the corporate proximity.

Any of these devices when compromised is a potential Antenna for Hire™, a wireless-capable device under the control of an attacker. Such a device becomes an AP to a Wireless Receptor™, a corporate controlled asset such as corporate PCs, consequently diverting corporate wireless connections.

A Wireless Receptor™ connecting to an Antenna for Hire™ creates a wireless security policy violation where corporate communications are present on unauthorized and unmonitored channels.

Furthermore, this connection presents a security threat where an attacker now receives full network access to the Wireless Receptor™ and may use this access to take over the machine.

With no control over Antennas for Hire™ that can affect a corporate’s network airspace, organizations are left oblivious to such communication diversions and helpless to their consequences.


Achieve network airspace control and protection and prevent unauthorized access to the corporate network by using AirEye Dome:

  • Detect rogue and “Evil Twin” APs

  • Detect SSID-Squatting

  • Prevent corporate devices from connecting to rogue APs or Evil Twins

  • Prevent captive portal/ AP splash screen/ Pineapple “evil portal” attacks

  • Protect against FragAttacks

  • Prevent wireless exploitation of devices by attacks such Ripple20 or Amnesia33

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