Cisco Meraki Aireye

Get your company’s network airspace security posture at no cost

  • 100% visibility of wireless assets
  • Unauthorized wireless connections
  • Shadow networks
  • Misconfigurations
  • And more!

Within a few minutes of registration, your account will open, accompanied by a full report, generated through the Meraki AirEye cloud to cloud integration

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AirEye Named a 2022 Gartner®  Cool Vendor in Hybrid Work Security

Only AirEye enforces your wireless security best practices

1 Audit and enforce that all network access and configurations are properly implemented by the networking team

2 Unauthorized devices are automatically identified and do not connect to the corporate network

3 Authorized devices should not connect to non-corporate networks

4 Authorized devices should connect only to authorized corporate networks

5 Unauthorized devices should not connect to authorized devices with dual-connectivity (such as peer to peer technologies, e.g. Wi-Fi Direct)

6 Authorized devices should not establish ad-hoc networks such as hotspots, file transfer, etc.

7 Automatically prevent over the air attacks

Enterprise wireless security best practices