Cisco Meraki Aireye

Get your company’s network airspace security posture report at no cost

  • 100% visibility of wireless assets
  • Unauthorized wireless connections
  • Shadow networks
  • Misconfigurations
  • And more!

Within a few minutes of registration, our Meraki AirEye cloud to cloud integration will deliver the report

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Gartner® Recognizes AirEye Technologies as a Sample Vendor in
2022 Market Guide for Medical Device Security Solutions.

Your network airspace security posture report will show your
company’s deviation from enterprise wireless security best practices.

Enterprise wireless security best practices:

1 Audit and enforce that all network access and configurations are properly implemented by the networking team

2 Unauthorized devices are automatically identified and do not connect to the corporate network

3 Authorized devices should not connect to non-corporate networks

4 Authorized devices should connect only to authorized corporate networks

5 Unauthorized devices should not connect to authorized devices with dual-connectivity (such as peer to peer technologies, e.g. Wi-Fi Direct)

6 Authorized devices should not establish ad-hoc networks such as hotspots, file transfer, etc. Automatically prevent over the air attacks

Enterprise wireless security best practices